TwoForOne Go: How Did It Started?

Vouchers are intended to provide customers some type of discounts which are redeemable with the worth of definite monetary value. This can be spent only for specific goods and services. A voucher is also called stamp, document or receipt that provides confirmation of a payment. It is a form that approves a credit or cash disbursement alongside a consumption of expenses for a future use.

The nature of 2-for-1 voucher

When using a 2-for-1 voucher to avail the discounts, a customer will usually get two products or services for the price of one. Although occasionally, you will have to pay a small amount for the second product or service. Most of the times, a 2-for-1 voucher is used for dining out in restaurants. This kind of voucher can be used for wellness, recreational activities, and spa.

How did TwoforOne Go started?

The Swedish Robert Meza, started Twoforone go in Denmark in 2012. He was in the US for many years and followed closely the trend of coupon-based establishments and daily bargains. He saw the breach in the market industry and, along with his group, develop an application to provide customers the ease of spending vouchers with the use of their Smartphones.

2-for-1 vouchers are offered using Smartphones. The idea is simple. A shopper can download different kinds of 2-for-1 vouchers from their website using Android and iPhone apps for lots of things such as outlet malls, spa treatments, and restaurants. The All-Inclusive 2-for-1 vouchers of twoforone go is valid within a year, which starts at the time of purchase. It only costs US$ 54 or 99 Dirham or AED.

TwoForOne Go in different countries

After Denmark, he opened another in Dubai in April last year as some of his investors advised him of moving his business there since some of them are closer to the region. Dubai is his second location. Since its opening, it has gained positive support and feedback and it is going full-scale ever since September of last year. It has now more than 7,000 customers  and 800 new customers daily and still growing! Twoforone go in Dubai and Denmark has now 300 traders. And they are extending to the Gulf and Europe. They now had opened in Johannesburg, Capetown, Stockholm and Hamburg.

Recognize when you need  a voucher

TwoForOne Go mostly offers, freebies for new customers who join the deal. They can directly choose agreements through their credit cards via the application When a customer wants to purchase a new deal, he should plan ahead, since redeeming the voucher has a limited time. The time frame of each deal is not the same. In order that your voucher reaches its expiration time, you need to know the terms of the deal before you purchase.

According to Robert Meza the CEO of TwoForOne Go, the application’s social aspect seems like the best part of it, where customers can bring their friends as well as saving money while having social outings.